17 days and counting

Wow.  I have been terrible at updating this.  More terrible than I had ever thought I would be.  So much to update you all on!

My last post was about fundraising for Calista to go to the Lone Star Leadership Academy, as I’m sure you’re all dying to know, I was able to raise enough for her to go!  June 22nd, I’ll be dropping her off for 5 days and 5 nights of education and fun!  It’s kind of crazy, after 10 years, I’ve never been away from her for this length of time.  For my 30th birthday, I went to San Diego for 3 days, but even then, she was with my mom.   So I was still able to talk to her every day, and keep tabs on her.  Luckily, the camp will be posting updates and sending me pictures throughout the trip, so it won’t be so terrible.

While she’s gone, we’re going to finish packing up the apartment, since we are MOVING!  Seattle, Washington, here we come!  It’s all so overwhelming, but so exciting at the same time.  We have so much to do, and not a whole lot of time to do it.  It’s bittersweet, leaving Dallas.  I’ve made a few good friends, made a ton of memories, including my last memories with my mom.  Since she’s gone, we don’t have a reason to stay here.  My job isn’t great, Tyler’s job for sure isn’t great, we’ve made friends, but we still have no family here.  We had thrown a few places around, but in the end we chose Seattle.  My sister is there, as well as my two younger brothers, it’s closer to Alaska, so it’ll be more cost effective when we choose to go back for vacations.  I’m really looking forward to all the new opportunities that should come across us, and the new people we will meet.

We had also decided to turn this move into our summer vacation!  I can’t remember if I talked about this website before, I’m pretty sure I did, but either way.  RoadTrippers.com is how we’ve found a ton of the things we plan on doing.  I keep adding and subtracting things,  most of what I have scheduled isn’t put into the Road Trippers itinerary, but it has helped us find a lot of things I never would have seen without it.  If you have any interest, you can see the basis of our trip here.  To keep my friends and family posted, I’ll be doing my very best to be posting daily updates on our trip.  I’m expecting it to be around a week, maybe more?  I really have no clue.  After Disneyland we really have no timeline.  I wanted to go to Yosemite, but I had no idea campsites filled up that fast.  Within hours of the reservations for the season opening.  Double damn!

On to some updates.  I haven’t been eating well, and have not lost any weight.  In actuality, I’ve probably gained 100 pounds.  Or at least it feels like it.  I still have not had any soda, so it’s been, 8 months now?  As far as reading goes, I’ve read a few more books, I’ve slowed down a lot, but I’m still on track to completing the challenge!




Seriously…I’m Kidding is hilarious.  I felt like every page I was laughing.  The Longest Ride was great, finally a romantic book, without teenagers haha  Finally, Room.  I hated it.  I just couldn’t get past the book being narrated by a 5 year old.  So hard to read!  I think I’m going to read the Harry Potter books soon.  I’ve never read them, and actually never watched all of the movies.  So I figured that was something that Calista and I could do together…

Oh!  I went to see The Fault in Our Stars!  And strangely enough, I went by myself.  Myself, plus 59 other strangers.  It was kind of nice, going by myself.  I think I want to make a habit of this.

Anyway, I will probably write once more before we go, but please, keep reading, and keep me in line!  Make me write!



until next time,




Well, it’s been a while since my last post.  It feels like nothing has happened since, but that would be a lie.  

Calista started soccer, her team isn’t very good, but she’s having a lot of fun, and the kids seem to be enjoying themselves.  Calista is one of the better players, with the most fundamentals, she really enjoys being able to tell the other kids what to do on the field.  I wonder where she gets that from.  




 Reading has been slowing down quite a bit.  I think it’s because the books I’ve been reading haven’t been catching my interest as much.  I mean, they’ve been good books, but not so exciting to where I can’t put them down.  Except for Eleanor & Park, I loved that book.  Cheesy romantic comedy, that’s what I’m into I guess.  Although, Thirteen Reasons Why wasn’t so bad either.  I wasn’t super fond of the ending, but it kept me wanting to know what happened next.  





I celebrated my 31st birthday last Friday.  30 didn’t treat me very well, so I wanted to make sure I started 31 off right.  I told Tyler that for my birthday, I didn’t want presents, I wanted to go to Austin.  Since we’re leaving Dallas in a few months, I wanted to make sure that Calista and Tyler got to experience Austin, since I had such a great time when I went in 2012.  

I had found this scavenger hunt thing, where you take pictures with a bunch of murals around the city.  Unfortunately, we only found 3 of the murals.  Time constraints and what not.  




We had such a good time though, I would definitely go back.  So much good food!  So many activities.  We didn’t even get to do everything I had planned to do, but honestly, I don’t even care.  We all had so much fun.  Calista and Tylers favorite part was canoeing in Zilker Park.  It wasn’t the same part of the park that I had gone canoeing in before, but it was just as fun.  


So, that has caught you up on what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks.  I’ll do my best to post more often.  I really need to get my ass in gear on this reading thing.  I don’t want to fall behind.  

until next time,




it’s happening

For whatever reason, I could not contain my emotions yesterday.

The holidays are quickly approaching, and as well as many others.  It was my mothers favorite time of year.  She loved cooking and decorating.  She especially loved making other people happy.

I believe this was somewhere around 1990?

Anyway, I feel like, traveling.  I want to forget that this is my first holiday season without my mother.  I want to pretend like she’s not gone, and I’m just on a regular vacation.  Unfortunately, I’ve got my family to think about.  I need to be here for them.  And unfortunately, she is gone, and won’t be coming back.

Seeing as this is our last year in Dallas, I think we’re not going to make a big deal of Thanksgiving.  We’re going to act like it’s just another day.  Hit up Denny’s, go to a movie.  Maybe get some shopping in later on.

As for next year, I think we may be in Seattle.  So it’ll be time to start coming up with some new traditions for our little family.  It’ll be interesting to see what we come up with, since we’re not exactly “traditional”.


City and Colour!

Last night, I got to see my favorite band, City and Colour!  Besides the fact that Dallas Green is delicious, City and Colour as a whole is the most phenomenal.  I adore them.  The show was absolutely the best show I have ever been to. We ended up being packed like a can of sardines in the first 3 rows.  6 hours of standing in a 1×1 ft box, my legs are dead.  But as you can tell, by the photos below, it was well worth it.  You can click on the shitty phone photos to take you to some of my favorite songs by them.

Paper Kites opened, they’re a band I hadn’t heard of, but they’re really mellow and lovely.  Based out of Melbourne, Australia, their accent was completely adorable as well.  When they came and introduced themselves, they said “we’re Paper Kites, not paper cuts” haha

It’s pretty apparent I would be a terrible music reviewer.  haha

Not Paper Cuts ;)

Not Paper Cuts 😉


Between shows, there was probably a 45 minute intermission, standing in a 1×1 ft box for at this point, 3 hours…my feet were on fire.  But then, Dallas Green walks on the stage, and all is well again.  City and Colour has been my favorite band for many years, and this was my first opportunity to be able to see them in concert.  My sister bought me the tickets in May, so waiting for this concert, has been crazy insane.

City and Colour

I think I may be getting too old for concerts like this.  Maybe I just need to go to shows where there are seats, and you can just sit and really enjoy the music.  Rather than standing, and being pushed around by kids who have no sense of personal space.

Dallas Green is a gorgeous specimen of a man.

Dallas Green is a gorgeous specimen of a man.

Even though all the other fans were singing super loud and off tune, the whole experience was amazing.  I want to follow them on tour, and see them 100 more times.

City and Colour

At the end of the show, everyone was screaming “encore! encore!”, and I was really hoping that the show was over, because my legs were seriously about to fall off from under me.  Dallas came back out by himself, and picked up his acoustic guitar.  He said it wasn’t really an encore, he just had to pee really bad haha  They ended up playing 3 more songs, and I’m glad they did.  I didn’t want the experience to end (just wanted a chair haha)

City and Colour

I cannot praise this band, this show, this night enough.  Best night I’ve had in a long time.

Upon leaving the theatre, I will admit, I’m not too familiar with Dallas, I live in a suburb about 20 minutes outside of the city limits, and don’t often need to venture that way.  So, while I waited for my phone to charge (obviously I killed it while taking a million photos and videos), I drove toward what I thought was the direction I needed to go.  I pulled over to a 7/11 because I had to use the restroom.  They said I had to buy something in order to use it, so I bout a soda.  Yes, a soda.  2 days without, and without even thinking, I bought it.

And obviously/apparently I drank it.  Again, without even thinking.  So, I’m quite disappointed in myself, 2 days?  Really?  I couldn’t last longer than that?  Ugh, so my soda free streak starts again.  Lets hope I can go longer than 2 days this time.

Tonight, I’m going to be posting my first progress entry, showing the disgusting starting point in which I am at.  So, there’s that to look forward to.  :\

Until next time,