This weekend, I was house/baby/dog sitting for a friend, and we were so incredibly busy.  Between the 3 kids (my 1, and my friends 2 boys), their sports (all three of them playing on different teams, and at different fields, and even in different cities), errands and just all around life.  We ate bad a lot.  BUT.  I am happy to report that today is day 5 of no soda.  And that really doesn’t seem like a long time, but considering from Friday until today, we’ve only had 3 home cooked meals, that’s pretty amazing.  I still want soda, especially on Friday when I made the kids rootbeer floats.  But, I am doing okay without it. 

In regards to running/walking every day during my break.  I’m not having so much luck with that.  Last week I got a pretty massive blister on my heel, it didn’t matter what shoes I wore, it killed.  About Friday-ish, it was better, and I was able to walk without limping.  Sometime on Satruday afternoon, after roughly 6 hours of running around, running errands with the kids, and getting lunch and what not; I felt a pain in my hip.  I kind of just shrugged it off, but throughout the day it just kept getting worse and worse.  The pain comes and goes, mostly comes when I walk, but sometimes it’s there when I’m sitting, or laying, and I just have to move around until I find a spot that isn’t excrutiating.  I have no idea what I did.  It’s not like I was wrestling, or running a marathon, or tai kwon do or anything.  When I first fielt the pain, I was standing at the stove, and cutting up bacon.  Pretty strenuous right?   I think this injury stems from my weight.  My frame can’t take the extra pounds that I’ve put on over the last few years, and I don’t blame it.  Unfortunately, I love this delicious food so much.  It’s going to be hard to q uit.  

I just want to get back to running, but damn.  It just hurts so bad.  And to add to the awesomeness, I don’t have insurance.  So I just get to suffer.  Lucky me.