bucket list

To achieve anything, you must have goals


I have many items on my bucket list, and here is where I will maintain them.

1.  Watch Calista walk for graduating high school.
2.  Watch Calista walk for graduating college.
3.  See all 50 states.
4.  Go to Greece.
5.  Travel by myself, to somewhere I’ve never been before.
6.  Go to the 4 corners
7.  Purchase a Jeep Wrangler (I’ve wanted one since I was 12).
8.  Drive the entire Route 66.
9.  Go camping every year.
10.  Host a dinner party, and make everything from scratch.
11.  Go scuba diving.
12.  Learn to ride a motorcycle.
13.  Go to the airport, and take the next flight, anywhere.
14.  Go to Disney.
15.  Achieve my ideal healthy weight.
16.  Take in an exchange student.
17.  Go to a Hot Air Balloon festival.
18.  Become management, in a job that I love.
19.  Complete a 5k marathon.
20.  Help someone complete a goal on their bucket list.
21.  Go on a road trip with friends.
22.  Learn to do my makeup.
23.  Complete the 50 books in 1 year challenge.
24.  Be debt free.
25.  Pay it forward.
26.  See cirque du Soleil
27.  Be in Haines, Alaska for the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival.
28.  Travel by train, to another city.


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