life lessons.

When we have kids, we always think they’re perfect.  They’re the best at everything that they do, and no one can tell you any different.  I am not the exception.  Calista plays soccer, she’s in honor choir, on a step team, she does every activity she can.  As perfect as I think she is, she isn’t always chosen to be the captain, or to have a staring role.

Calista had been practicing the routine for her school step team for months.  When it was time to finally decide who was going to compete, she wasn’t chosen.  She was an alternate, and this angered me, and made me sad.  I wanted her to be in the competition!  After the the semester ended, a couple of the kids were kicked out of the program because their grades were less than the B- that is required.  Calista was no longer an alternate, she was in the show!  Which was wonderful (not so much for the kids who were kicked out), but then I found out Calista got this janky part of the routine.  She was to roller skate across the stage.  And that was it.  She would roller skate.  For 15 seconds across the stage, and that was her whole part.  She has practiced twice a week, for an hour and a half, for 4 months.  And every single day, for the last week, for an hour and a half.  Even the last 2 Saturdays for 3 hours.  So she could roller skate across the stage for 15 seconds.

Calista didn’t seem to mind, she was just glad to be in the performance.

On Friday, they had their competition.  There were about 14 teams I believe, Calista’s school was the 11th to perform.  During their performance, the DJ messed up one of their songs.  From what I understand, this disqualified them from being able to place, because it made their performance time too long.  Calista was incredibly bummed.  She didn’t talk much for the rest of the night, and to top it off, she lost her jacket somewhere.  For those of you who don’t know Calista, she’s very sensitive., her feelings get hurt over the smallest things.

I’m very proud of their team, no matter what.  They all worked so hard, and were so dang cute doing it.  Here’s her step team performing.  You can tell when the song gets messed up.  It’s kind of awkward.  Haha.  Calista is the one in the very beginning, skating across the gym.




So, the lesson is, my daughter is perfect.  No matter what.  But she won’t always be a winner.


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