a date. with myself.

You know, I work really hard.  At a job that I hate.  To pay the bills in a crappy apartment that I hate.  Last year, I took a little road trip to reward myself for all my hard work.  And this year, there are no road trips for me, so instead, I treated myself, and took myself on a date!

The first part of my date included sleeping in.  Which was GLORIOUS.  I’m still a little under the weather, so the extra few hours of sleep felt really good.  I fell asleep watching CSI, which I haven’t watched in ages haha

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve started trying to care about what I look like.  Instead of waking up and going wherever I need to go, looking like I haven’t showered in a week.  So, today was my first time wearing mascara and eyeliner.  I bought this weird gel stuff?  Instead of using an eyeliner pencil, it comes with a little brush, and has a little thing you dip the brush into.  Kind of like water color maybe?  It’s hard to describe.  Aaaaaanyway, this is what I look like when I put effort into myself.

photo 4I honestly feel weird, but I did get a lot of compliments, so I guess I should continue to do it.  I really want to learn to make my eyebrows look amazing.  I don’t know why, but they terrify me the most.  Just because when people do their eyebrows, they can look incredibly bad, and eyebrows are REALLY important to me.

So, after I got dressed, I treated myself to brunch at The Egg and I.  I had previously been looking for an amazing brunch spot, and came across this place.  The menu looked great, and the pictures from the Yelp reviews looked amazing.  So, I went, and my server was SO nice, and there was a really cute table of old people playing domino’s.  I just sat there, read my book, and ate my breakfast.  I had a really hard time choosing what to get (their menu is full of super delicious food) but I settled on the Raisin French Toast with 2 eggs over medium and bacon.  MMMM!  It was SO good.  OH!  And the french toast had cinnamon butter.  I just want to eat there EVERY DAY.

photo 1

After breakfast, I headed over to Half Price Books, I haven’t been in a long time, since they closed the one in the town I live in.  This location is roughly 30 minutes from where I live, but was only 7 minutes from The Egg and I, so I decided I would take advantage.

photo 2

Obviously it was a really beautiful day.  Not.  But, after about an hour of walking around, I ended up grabbing some books for me and Calista.  They didn’t have one of the books I was looking for, but I’ll try to find it online or something.

photo 3

I got all these for $20!  The only book I went in for, was the Jonathan Tropper book, the others were on clearance, and didn’t sound too bad.  So, I figured why not.  They were $1 a piece.  Calista likes mystery books, so I got her the first of a series, hopefully she likes them.

Calista and I went on a walk, electronic free!  We walked 2 miles, and while on the walk, we worked on synonyms and 5th grade spelling words!  She got most of the spelling words right, minus a few that are pretty hard.

All in all, it was a great day!  Hopefully this means that the rest of the weekend will be good!

Until next time,



12 thoughts on “a date. with myself.

  1. You look beautiful! I always feel better when I take more pride in looking put together. I’m glad you had such a nice day off. You deserve it and you should make these “dates” a priority.

  2. I loved it! What a difference two little things can make! Great start for you. And I love your idea of taking a few hours a week for just yourself. With your crazy busy full life with all those people, quality time for you is essential. Remember, if you can’t take care of yourself first, you can’t truly take care of anyone else! Mom would be proud – love ya sis 🙂

  3. Nice job. Killer brunch. Ton of new books.

    Even if you got punched by a stranger, or ran out of something important like milk or alcohol, those two activities alone would have made for a lovely day.

  4. I think the make up looks great! I believe “liquid eyeliner” is what you were using, from the sounds of it. Nice day off – especially the part about Half Price Books. I can’t ever seem to leave there without a huge stack of books.

  5. Love this day! Unsolicited advice: you do NOT need to wait a month do this for yourself again. You can make it a weekly thing!!!

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