I know some of you don’t know me, but the fact is, I am not a feminine woman. I prefer hoodies, jeans, sneakers and NOT wearing makeup.

I turned 30 last year, and have slowly been coming to the realization that people care about what you look like. Whether it be in your personal life, or professional. I read some statistic recently where women who wear makeup either have a 30% higher chance of getting a job, or getting paid more. Something along those lines. Either way, I don’t want my lack of giving a shit to have me passed up for these opportunities. So, as I’ve mentioned before, I chose to start giving a shit. I am starting small, with mascara. Easy enough right? Seeing as I know nothing about makeup, I chose a reputable brand, but didn’t go all out for the $30 tube. Maybelline. Here is to completing goals, and being a better me.

How did I do?



2 thoughts on “maybelline

  1. It’s a start! Maybe I should get your birch box now, huh? Check out my pinterest board “final touches required” for some makeup looks – for inspiration at least 🙂 And go to Poshmark! There are 3 closets – $2, $4, $5 closets – with shoes too – in 10s! You gotta do the wardrobe w/the makeup – you can still be comfortable yet professional – I promise! Love ya sis ❤

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