happy new year!

Well, here we are.  January 1st, 2014.  I’ve never been huge on resolutions, but this year has to be better than last year.  So I’ve set some goals for myself, as stated in my last blog post.  Anyway, as a refresher, for 2014, I’ve decided on the following as some small goals.

  • 50 Books Challenge
  • Care more about my appearance
  • Drink 64 oz of water (at least) daily
  • Take a walk every day

Today, I started the first 3.


I downloaded Waterlogged onto my iPhone a few days ago, which has helped me keep track of how much water I’m drinking.  I really need apps like this, or else I’ll never keep up with it.  So far, I’ve made it to 64 oz + every day since the 28th of December.

I started reading I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb, to start off my 50 Books in 2014 challenge.  I attempted to read this book last year, but couldn’t get into it.  I am so completely determined this year, that I wanted to read this one all the way through.  Basically, I just found the first 40 pages or so boring.  I’m about 140 pages in right now, and am actually loving it.  If any of you are avid readers, or are doing the 50 Books Challenge, you should add me on GoodReads! Keep me motivated, and give me suggestions!

I bought mascara, since that is the first step of me caring about my appearance.  I didn’t actually wear it today, but I barely got out of bed.  I’ll wear it tomorrow though.  And take a photo to prove it!

I made a few sales on eBay today, so I was able to purchase some new shoes.  Once those come in the mail I’ll be able to start walking every day.  I’m honestly not making excuses, I don’t think that walking for an extended period of time in wedges or flip flops is a good idea.  I’m really excited though, I love sneakers.  This will be my first new pair in over a year, which is almost unheard of in my life.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 12.28.40 AM

Tyler bought me the Nike+ Sports Watch GPS for Christmas, and these shoes will be compatible with the sensor, so if you want to add me on Nike +, you can do that as well.  I can’t say I’ll be running miles or marathons anytime soon, but progress is progress right?

So that’s where I am now, and I’ll post progress photos every now and then so you guys can keep tabs on me, because I know you’re dying to know how it all works out.

until next time,



6 thoughts on “happy new year!

  1. I happen to think that walking miles in wedges, especially the new ones you got, are a fabulous idea for long walks!


    This is the same reason i quit running for a few weeks a month or so back, because the wrong shoes do more damage than you might think!

    I applaud you!

  2. Gah. Ok i’m becoming addicted to reading your blogs! REMEMBER: it’s important to have a balance (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual). You have mental and physical DOWN, but don’t forget about emotional and spiritual- especially because you’re in your healing process! If walking outside helps your spiritually connect, then yay! I have goals from all elements of the medicine wheel. We shall see how they turn out though! I’m going to evaluate them monthly to see if I’m on track.

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