Caps for Kids.

I haven’t gone into too much detail about my daughter.  I just figure most people who are reading know about her anyway.  For those of you who don’t, her name is Calista.  She’s 9 years old, and she is incredible.  I know what you’re thinking, I’m her mom, of course I think she’s incredible.  And that’s true, but I’m telling the truth!

On Sunday, she asked me to take her to the dollar store, because she wanted to get some craft items.  I never ask why when it comes to books or crafts, so off we went.  She chose to get a poster board, and some of those googly eyes, the ones that move around when you shake them.

When we got home, she went and played outside with friends, and I made dinner and worked on the blog for a little while.  She then told me that she wanted to do a fundraiser, but wasn’t sure for which charity.  She ended up Googling charities for kids, and came across Caps for Kids, which is a charity she’s familiar with, since her school does a charity event for them every year. She got to work designing her poster:



So, last night we went out in the 37 degree weather, and solicited our neighbors.  She would approach them saying, “Hi, my name is Calista, and I’m raising money for an organization called Caps for Kids, they donate hats to kids who have cancer.  Would you like to donate?  Even just a penny will help.”



Unfortunately, even at 7pm, about half of the apartments were empty, but we went to 2 buildings, totaling 24 apartments.   She raised close to $19 in that short period of time.  In all honesty though, even if she only raised $1 (which is what she put in the envelope to start with), I am so proud of her.  The selflessness of her baffles me.  She is spending the night out tonight, but she brought a smaller version of this poster with her so she could ask the neighbors there, and she’s coming to my office tomorrow to ask my co-workers.

Once again, I am so proud of my daughter.  She is one phenomenal child.

If you would like to help Calista raise money for Caps for Kids, you can click on the PayPal link below, and we will add it to the running total.



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