not surprised.

For those of you who are unaware, my mother passed away in May.  She had been suffering/struggling with liver disease for many years, and after she lost her job, she lost her insurance.  Obviously specialty doctors are not cheap, so she did her best with keeping up with the meds she could afford, but without a liver transplant, death was immanent.  She was denied disability, twice.  Apparently, retaining 50 pounds of water, having her limbs and abdomen so swollen she could never be comfortable, forever being cold, even when it was 95 degrees outside,  still means she wasn’t sick enough to get disability.

I had accompanied her to Anchorage, so she could be cared for by the state of Alaska.  Due to our heritage, medical coverage is free for us.  We arrived after a 7 hour flight, and she was in so much pain, we went straight to the hospital.  At this time, I cannot go into details about my stay with her in the hospital, my experience there, though I’m entirely grateful to my step-sister for helping me get there, is still excruciatingly painful.

Apparently her kidneys were failing as well, the doctors did everything they could within the week that she was there.  Unfortunately, her health had gone too far downhill to be resurrected.  Though my sister and I were unable to be there at that moment, she passed away with family by her side.

So anyway, the point of this post is just to vent.

The end of August, I received an e-mail from her credit card company.  Stating that they had been bought out, and were sending a new card.  Which I thought was strange, since her husband should (and did tell me) that he closed out all of her accounts.  I contacted her husband and told him when he received the card, to give it to me, so I could close the account.  He then said, “I hope you’re not going to try to use it”.  Baffled, I told him, “No, I’m not.  But thank you for thinking I’m a piece of shit.”

A month or so later, I received another e-mail from my mothers credit card company, stating that her payment was late.  I contacted the credit card company, who stated that the card was still active, and has definitely been used since my mothers date of death.  I canceled the card, and requested that a statement be sent to me.

Yesterday, I received Septembers statement, showing that he had been using the card, and not for things he may have needed help with.  Bills, or groceries.  He used the card at the gas station.  At the pool hall.  He even got a $100 cash advance.  I just don’t understand, did he think this was just going to disappear because she is dead?!

I have decided I am done with him.  Unfortunately, that means I’m done with his family as well.  His two older daughters have been nothing but kind to me and my family.  His youngest daughter, quite spoiled, never really gave a damn about me or anyone else but herself.  Their family has been through a lot, and I would rather not be the person who tells them what a piece of shit their dad is.  Who by the way, has a new girlfriend.  Yeah, my mother’s been dead 5 months, and he has a new girlfriend.

Thank you for letting me vent.  I hope there’s nothing else in my mothers name that he can use.  He never deserved her.

Until next time,



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