Well, nothing has changed in the last few days.  Still not drinking soda (today is day 14), still no weight loss.  I wasn’t expecting it to all drop off based on one life decision, but I was hopeful.  I’ve decided that November 1st, is the day that I give up sweets . No cookies, cake, ice cream, chocolate, candy.  And I say Nov 1st, because I think it’s unfair to myself, to deprive myself of Halloween, and stealing candy from Calista’s basket.

Other than that, my life needs a boost.  Or a kick in the ass.  I’m feeling so…blah.  About everything.  Work (this is nothing new), my relationship, motherhood.  I was asked to attend a grief workshop for the holidays.  I’m unsure if I’m going to attend or not.  My mothers favorite time of  year was the holidays.  Every year she would wake up at the crack of dawn on Thanksgiving, starting to cook the feast of a lifetime, the best mashed potatoes, not unlike Paula Dean, a stick of butter with a side of butter.  My favorite was the giblet gravy, though to be honest, I don’t really know what a giblet is (don’t tell me).  My mother would start shopping for Christmas in July, which is also when the countdown would begin.  She loved decorating the house, it was like Christmas threw up in the living room.

I’m trying to figure out how to spend the holidays.  Tis the season for new traditions!  Our family is not exactly “normal”.  I can’t cook an entire feast, even if I could, I definitely don’t know how to cook a feast for 3.  So if any of you have any ideas, on what sort of traditions we can make, the help would be greatly appreciated.

Until next time,



7 thoughts on “uninspired.

  1. you guys should come here!! i would love to have you close to me during this time too 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😘😘😘

  2. I’m so impressed that you’re doing this. just remember to be patient with yourself! and be kind to yourself! the right kind of change happens slowly but it will be worth it. maybe focus more on how you feel and how your clothes fit than what the numbers on the scale say? not that it doesn’t have its place, but weight is often a really stupid indicator of health and progress.

    • Thanks Bri, nothing is changing yet, clothing or the scale, but I’m optimistic. It’s only been 2 weeks, and the only thing I’ve changed is the dropping of soda. Changes will come once I make more drastic alterations to my life.

  3. I’m so in awe for you to have given up sweets for almost a whole month, that’s incredible. I should follow your example.

    You haven’t written anything in your ‘about’ page, and I recently started following your blog. Can you tell me more about you and why you names your blog “project 4th Draft’? I’m intrigued.

    • I’ve written, and re-written the ‘About’ page roughly 7 dozen times. I just feel narcissistic when I do haha. I suppose, having a blog about me and my life, is narcissistic in itself though, huh? I will get down to business, and write the ‘About’ section this weekend.

      I haven’t given up sweets quite yet. October 31st is my last day, I refuse to deny myself of stealing my daughters Halloween candy 😉

      • I also found it really hard to write it. But it is always interesting for someone who arrives on your blog to understand who you are or at least what you want to convey through your blog.
        Just with this comment there is already something on your about page 🙂

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