Breakfast blues

Every morning I have the same breakfast. Scrambled eggs, hash browns and a biscuit with a shit load of gravy. And I love it. For $2.75 in the cafeteria, I get my morning happiness.

Unfortunately, I am aware that it’s not the healthiest option available, so this morning I opted for oatmeal, with raisins and granola. Walking by the hash browns that looked so golden and delicious, the biscuits were so big and flaky. Aahhhhh can’t I just eat whatever I want, and lose weight by giving up, say, work?


Don’t get me wrong, this breakfast was tasty.  But seriously,  you can’t beat biscuits and gravy.   Next month my department will be switching buildings at work, and I’ll have access to the full cafeteria in the mornings.  Which means, egg white omlets!  Even prior to dieting, this has always been my favorite breakfast choice at work.  I can’t wait!


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