My Fourth Draft

This blog is entitled Project 4th Draft, because I am attempting to create my 4th draft.  My body when I was a teenager, my body during pregancy, my body after pregnancy, and now,

the 4th draft.


This photo was taken of me on Saturday.  And it depressed me.  I ended up needing to weigh myself, and being even more depressed.  I am 255 lbs.  This is the most that I’ve ever weighed.  Even more than when I had a human life growing inside me!  Well, that is just unacceptable.

So, once again, I’ve made the decision to get off my ass, and do something about it.  Rather than sitting around and complaining about it.  So, small changes to effect the big world.

Change Number 1: I’m giving up soda, again.  I love soda.  It’s so comforting and delicious.  Especially Mt. Dew and Cherry Coke.  My weaknesses.

Change Number 2:  I’ve been a smoker, for a very long time.  I quit while I was pregnant with my daughter, but started up again not too long after she was born.  I will be tapering that out of my life as well.

Change Number 3:  This change will help with change number 2 as well.  Usually, Monday – Friday, I take a break at 10am, 12pm and 3pm.  I will smoke a cigarette on each break.  Instead of going outside to smoke, I will be going to the office gym, and walking/jogging/running.

These are the small changes  I’ll be making to get myself on a better path.

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6 thoughts on “My Fourth Draft

  1. Amazing goals and sounds like you’ve got the right mindset. Excited to watch you through it all 🙂

  2. Girl I promise you can do it…. I gave up rhe smoking and sodas and feel so much better just from that……I also use myfitnesspal its an amazing tool… I use it every single day. It keeps up with my calories and workouts.. its groovetastic….. no matter what way you decide to help yourself just don’t give up or in to temptation and I promise you will get to a comfortable place you can be happy with…. love ya bunches!!!

  3. I cant wait to see your progress, Jess. Im rooting for you ❤

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